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The very first appearance of online casinos within the mid 90’s sparked the beginning of a brand new era, utilizing the internet in a way unimagined of before. Online Gambling had begun and was set to become one of the webs most popular pastimes!

Some of the first few online casinos that appeared, have, rather remarkably, survived the test of time and also have become leaders in their field. Others conversely, were one hit wonders and due to poor marketing along with abysmal customer support they failed miserably and disappeared shortly after opening.

Simply, some were run by genuine businesses wanting to build a reputation for fairness and integrity and stand the test of time within an up and coming, profitable, market. These were the unfortunates that tried hard but failed.

With all new markets on the flip side, the conmen will appear, ripping off customers and grabbing as much of other peoples cash because they can without the morals, scruples or sympathy.

Unfortunately the internet gaming market has picked up more than its own way of these conmen since its inception and this led, in many peoples minds to the whole industry being tarred with the same brush.

Sponsored by Google ChromebooksThe Press has a part to play their dogged determination to knock bookie lottery online gambling as often as it can be, citing cases of addiction. Bear in mind, where fortunes can be won you will always find an element of addiction. However, these cases are fairly rare and also the vast majority of people can gamble small amounts responsibly. Look-at how many have a weekly flutter on the lotto without any problems whatsoever.

It’s worth noting at this point that the area generally, over the past few years, has somewhat gained a reputation for fairness and security. The conmen are now few and far between, although admittedly, some still exist. The leading sites also have measures in place in order that problem gamblers get help with their addiction and also are often barred from playing.

Currently on the flip side, online casinos, poker rooms as well as other gaming sites have become fashionable and with the massively growing popularity, the numbers of folks playing online has grown exponentially. In certain countries or areas even though gambling is still illegal, so check what the rules are for your area before playing.